What a fantastic #KubeConParis2024!

Shweta Vohra
2 min readMar 25, 2024
Kubecon Keynote

Another fantastic #KubeConParis2024 🌐 has drawn to a close, leaving nothing but praise and gratitude for all involved in planning. The CNCF Events Team truly outdid themselves once again (12K participation this year)!

As I reflect on the event, here are a few key takeaways I’d like to share before delving into more detailed topics:

#EmbraceAdaptabilityAndGrowth: Enterprises are encouraged to avoid becoming overly attached to their creations; instead, seamlessly integrate new tools and technologies or put in some effort to adapt. There’s a cloud-native tool or solution for everyone. Explore and choose yours here. Here are a few open-source projects I highly admire and use: #opentelemetery #kubecost #spiffe & of-course #kubernetes. Which ones are on top of your list? Feel free to share in the comments below!

#CNCFAIWorkingGroup Formed: This group was created with the primary goal of understanding the evolving Cloud Native Artificial Intelligence (CNAI) ecosystem and the opportunities it presents, before delving into potential solutions. It represents a significant step towards the next big developments in cloud-native technology. Here is the link to white paper release by this team.

#SecurityIsEverybodysResponsibility: It’s not just the job of the security team; each of us must take ownership. In AI world we need to tune it more. Stay tuned for some essential security talks and updates I’ll be sharing soon. Here is the talk that my colleague and I delivered and available here for quick reference.

#CNCFBeyondKubernetes: Remember, CNCF encompasses more than just Kubernetes, and KubeCon is not the only event. Read here to get essential understanding about CNCF and Ecosystem. Explore the world of KCDs (Kubernetes Community Days) for further engagement and get to know about other events here.

#SimplifyAndConsolidateOpenSourceProjects: A clear message this time echoed by Open Source Leaders as well during one of the keynote sessions. Do check this — Is Kubernetes (and ecosystem) — Boring or Boon? Add your views to help it priortize.

#KubestronautProgramLaunch: Exciting news if you are someone who believes in learning and certifying! The Kubestronaut program has been launched, recognizing individuals who have achieved all five of CNCF’s Kubernetes certifications. Learn more here.

Did any of these resonate with you?

Let me know if you’d like more information on a specific topic or want to share yours! 🚀

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