Picture Credit from Google source: http://www.hrkatha.com/news/826-why-hr-needs-an-agile-mindset
Picture Credit from Google source: http://www.hrkatha.com/news/826-why-hr-needs-an-agile-mindset

But I always thought I am Agile!!

This is Blog 1 of Agile Mindset Series. For entire series in form of simple readable cards check here.

During initial years of my career, when I first understood about agile way of doing things, I got instant feeler that Yesss I am Agile! Well it is not my fault but the agile way is so simple to understand that I got this feel instantly and easily. I was living in the same impression and that’s when, I met AZEN (an Agile Zen). He understood my mindset quickly. He appreciated me being agile person and asked Shweta Vohra (SV) can you please tell me what you know about agile and how you have become agile?

Well it came as an impromptu so seeing no other option left I said….Look, Agile is a methodology using which we meet in scrum calls everyday and we have a scrum master who conducts this meeting every single day. This methodology gives us some documents such as product backlog, sprint plans, releases etc. which helps us to streamline our work………&…….some more blah blah blah….:)- even I don’t remember now.

AZEN was patiently listening to all this and then said, can I please add some more to it! I nodded quickly to take an escape route. That day onward he enlightened me by telling various things about Agile in very unique way. Let’s begin that interesting journey to practically Agile land.

He said…First of all, agile is not any prescription or guidelines or meeting or methodology but its in our minds. He explained further as Agile word itself means “Ability to move quickly and easily” (as per dictionary). Therefore, agility means when an individual or a team are able to learn, relearn, do, redo their work with positive attitude in positive working environment and that’s when their work adds maximum value to the team and most importantly to their clients then we call them Agile individuals or Agile teams. Hence “Agile is Mindset” achieved individually and scaled in a group setup called Team and even taken further to the client to help them stay agile in their business.

Well this struck me instantly and I started asking lot of queries to AZEN. For example I asked…

[SV]: Can you please tell me What is Agile mindsets relevance to this software world?

[AZEN]: He smiled and said, well that is very nicely defined in Agile Manifesto and we can achieve it through Agile Mindset only. It states ”We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it, and helping others do it.”

[SV]: Oh yes!! Got it as it makes sense… we are trying to evolve in software development process through agile mindset and catering to the changing needs and speeds of the industry.

AZEN, happily nodded to acknowledge my happiness!! Well I asked him many more questions. Will keep adding it here so that AZEN keeps enlightening us!!

Happy reading and wish you all an Agile mindset!! For below mentioned entire series in form of simple readable cards. Click here.

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Shweta Vohra


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